I am continuously looking for good people to join my research group, at levels: undergraduate students (urop), M.S students.

Current students

  • Ivon Miranda Santos (MS)
  • Leonardo Silva Gomes (UROP)
  • Arthur José Benedito de Oliveira Assis (UROP)
  • Marcos Nery Borges Júnior (UROP)
  • Youssef Muhamad Yacoub Falaneh (UROP)
  • You?

Alumni (sorted by graduation year)

  • Tiago Vidigal (MS)
  • Gabriela Barrozo Guedes (UROP)
  • Rafaella Oliveira de Faria Junqueira (UROP)
  • Lorrany dos Santos Azevedo (UROP)
  • Shayane (UROP)
  • Filipe Coelho Hilário Barcelos (UROP)
  • Lucas Dutra Ferreira do Nascimento(UROP)
  • Caio Vinícius Fernandes de Araújo (UROP)

Research Interests

  1. Understanding Students Behavior in Open-Source Communities
    Questions: What kind of contributors are made by students? Are they working for some classroom projects? summer job? hackathons?
    Skills: script programming, proactive

  2. Personality traits of casual contributors
    Questions: Are casual contributors casual in many/few/other projects? Where are they based/from?
    Skills: script programming, proactive

  3. Teaching DevOps
    Questions: Theory on DevOps team structures/education
    Skills: script programming, proactive

  4. MLOps
    Questions: What are the barries to adopt MLOps practices and automation?
    Skills: script programming, proactive

  5. Mentorship Programs for Underrepresented groups
    Questions: What are the challenges to engage underrepresented groups in mentoring programs?
    Skills: script programming, proactive